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M Surety Services is dedicated to securing the necessary bonding in order to help your business win more contracts and make more profit. For surety underwriters to gain a full understanding of your business operations, including past work experience and financial strength, the below documents will be needed for them to make an informed decision.

***For contractors looking for bond capacity up to $400,000 single project limit | $800,000 total project limit, you only need to send in the Contractor Questionnaire   ***

For Bond Capacity Above $400,000 Single Project Limit/$800,000 Total Project Limit:

  1. Contractor Questionnaire
  2. Personal Financial Statement 
  3. Company Financial Statements
    • Year-End Financial
    • Year-To-Date Financial
  4. Work in Progress Spreadsheet
  5. Insurance Certificate
  6. Resumes on Owners and Key Personnel
  7. Bank Letter
  8. Construction References


Please submit the above information to

If you have any questions or need any help, please do not hesitate to call Justin McQuain directly at (832) 567-8906.